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Fiery people can infect others with their warmth and energy. If we have an emphasis on this element in our chart we love to get things started and our confidence and optimism inspires all around us.

An emphasis on this element makes us generous and gives us a faith that everything will work out well. Because of our essentially positive thought patterns, things generally do work out well. Fiery people are always stimulating, must be independent and enjoy the spontaneous in life.

They have to have an outlet for their creative abilities. Those who lack air in their chart are likely to be lacking in self-confidence and find it difficult to assert their means with other people. They appear to feel that they always have to look to others for inspiration and often feel detached from the real business of life.

An over-emphasis on the fire element can result in an individual's behaviour being run by his ego. Such a person has to be the centre of attention at all times and will rush into new projects without any consideration for the consequences.


An emphasis on the element earth in our chart means that we are 'down to earth'. We are practical and relate to the world through our physical senses. Earthy people like tangible results for their efforts. They are determined and persistent and patient in working towards goals and other people will find them very thorough, organised and dependable. It is important for earthy types to feel secure and for this reason many of them can be quite materialistic.

Certainly, these people are at home with the responsibility of life and with finance. Actual experience is more important to an earthy type than theoretical speculation. It takes a great deal of convincing for an earth person to change direction. For this reason, they can sometimes miss good opportunities and they will be very reluctant to take risks. If we do not have any earth in our chart, we are likely to deny our physical needs or we may be totally impractical. It is also possible that we sense our lack of grounding and so become obsessed with detail and rigid routine.


Air is all around us, we all breathe in the same oxygen. Those with an emphasis of air in their charts understand the importance of inter-relationship. Communication and the exchange of ideas is crucial to these people. They are intellectual, curious and ideas are as important to them as actual experience or objects. These people can co-operate with others and remain objective in difficult situations.

If we have an emphasis on this element in our chart, we like to form connections between our experiences and we refuse to be guided merely by our feelings or instinctive reactions. With an over-emphasis of air in our charts it is possible that we will be incapable of making decisions because we can see all options. We may prefer to live in our heads rather than get involved with the muddle of life. If we lack air in our charts, it is difficult for us to be detached. It is not easy for us to express ourselves and we may be misunderstood by others. Such people need to gain understanding of themselves by receiving feed-back from other people.


Water is flowing and takes on the shape of its surroundings. If we have an emphasis on the water element in our charts we are very much in need of involvement with others. We live by our feeling and intuitions and can tune into atmospheres and the feeling of others immediately.

Our imagination, sympathy and compassion are enormous. The sensitivity and vulnerability of watery people is immense. It is sometimes difficult for these people to maintain their separateness and they may often withdraw into themselves in order to avoid being hurt. If we have an over-emphasis of this element, we will live through other people and will be emotionally demanding in our relationships.

If we lack water in our charts, we are likely to deny the importance of the feeling life. We may find it difficult to adapt to the needs of others. Alternatively, these people may be overly involved with others and embarrassingly sentimental.

Space (Akash)

  • Characteristics of Space (Akash)
  • Qualities - soft, light, subtle and abundant.
  • Action - provides room, looseness, openness
  • Facilitates - sound and non-resistance
  • Substance - anything that is light, profuse, and ethereal
  • Example - hollow and light foods - popcorn, wafers
  • Intake- increases softness and lightness in the body

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