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The existence of the universe is based on the five basic elements of sky™, wind™, fire™, water™ and soil™. These five elements have to be balanced in our home too. This very art and science of balancing and enhancing these five elements in a dwelling, forms the basis of Vastushastra™.

For the balance and optimum flow of positive energy, the House should be constructed according to certain natural laws. Just as in the human body, all the parts and organs should be in the proper proportion to one another, in order to correctly perform their functions. A structure that is incorrectly built bring imbalance and lack of harmony in the lives of the people who live or work in it.

There are eight directions in all, that are basically considered. The four basic ones are North , South, East , West. And the four sub-directions are North-east, North-west, South-east, South-west.

  • The East is considered the direction of the male member, of father figure of the house.
  • The South-east is the direction that influences health of the members living or working in the place.
  • The South represents wealth, a good harvest, happiness and peace.
  • The West is the direction for growth, progress, and fame.
  • The South-west stands for birth and death.
  • The North-west represents business, work, friends and enemies.
  • The North direction is the direction of the mother, or motherly figure of the inhabitants of the place.
  • The North-east, represents the new generation or new members in the group.

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