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Occult Symbols

Traditional Occult wisdom takes the form of systems of symbols. The study of these symbols for their own sake will not yield greater understanding, instead they should be used as tools to aid the individual in a personal exploration of the nature of reality. The Qabalah (tree of life) is a diagram summarizing the fundamental forces of the universe and their relationship to each other. A more familiar, but no less legitimate, form of occult symbolism is found in Astrology. The Tarot is another ancient symbolic representation of esoteric truths (the evolution of life and its relationship to the universe). The Tarot can also relate to the 22 paths between the spheres of the Qabalah.

The "occult" is the collection of profound knowledge, developed through the ages, that embodies man's quest to re-connect with his true nature as part of some greater Spiritual reality. Though the occult pathway is lifelong, Real Mind Power Secrets describes some simple techniques to begin reawakening your powerful but dormant mental faculties.

Life Time Guide Book

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