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Meditation is not for a few but is necessary for all human beings. The inner self of a person touches the Higher Self (the Param-Tattwa) during deep sleep daily. This unknown touch recharges the battery of man. So, when he gets up from his sleep, he feels that he is refreshed, full of strength and relaxed. This is a natural process for all persons alike. If one could not sleep properly, he feels disturbed and is in a sort of weariness. It is the experience of every man, whether he is rich or a beggar, a literate or an illiterate, an executive or a labourer, a farmer or a business man, a housewife or a huckster. So, every man needs peace, strength, ability to discharge his/her duties and for tranquillity of mind. So, a wonderful discovery of man is to keep his inner self in touch with the SOURCE in a wakeful state for longer periods continuously through specific type of systematic practices. This is called the art of meditation. And such a person is said to be a YOGI without any discretion/distinction of caste, creed, colour and country.

Dhyanam nirvishayam manah That state of the mind, wherein there are no Vishayas or sensory thoughts, is meditation.

Whether oriental or occidental, Hinduism or Mohammedanism, Buddhism or Jainism, Christianity or Judaism, Shinto-ism or any other ‘ism’, the spiritual purpose and meaning is to lead an individual soul to the ecstatic communion with the Universal Divinity or ONE TRUTH, the SOURCE. A continuous flow of perception of thought is Dhyana Tatra pratyayaikatanata dhyanam. It is the flow of continuous thought of one object or God or Atman or Supreme Source Tailadharavat. According to Raja Yoga, meditation is the seventh rung or step in the ladder of Yoga. One cannot attain this state unless he knows the art of Concentration . What is concentration? Desa bandhas-chittasya dharana. Concentration is fixing the mind on an external object or an internal point continuously, without interruption or break for twelve seconds. So, an aspirant has to develop himself in concentration, which itself is changed into meditation, if his state of keeping the mind focused at one object/point/subject continuously and spontaneously for 12x12=144 seconds. It is termed as ‘Dhyana’ in Sanskrit scriptures, which comes from the root ‘Dhi’. In English we generally call it ‘intellect’ which is the basic root with different derivations in different practices. However, ‘Buddhi’ (reasoning faculty) is said to be directly based on this root term; yet this term is used liberally by all systems of Yoga, which is central theme of all mystic techniques leading one to higher levels of spiritual consciousness with profound depths of spiritual expansion and takes one to God-realisation or Self-realisation.

Meditation may be objective, or on qualities or purely subjective or one’s own breath. In objective meditation the Sadhaka meditates upon an idol or picture of his Ishta devata may be Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Christ, Buddha or any other god or goddess. For him, the idol is something alive, vibrating with supreme reality, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. He may meditate upon the beautitude, the qualities, the activities of his Ishta-devata. Or he may meditate upon the all-pervading pulsating Supreme Energy which is within him and without, permeating everywhere. This is subjective meditation. Similarly on his breath while inhaling and exhaling with MINIMAL SILENCE. All meditations are good; what counts is the intensity and unbroken continuity of meditation.

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