Mantra Consulting Charges

Mantras are single or strung together syllables. Mantras are used in rituals, whispered or chanted in combinations and contexts, setting up patterns of vibrations. One must learn to pronounce them properly and understand their meaning. Mantra sadhana is very difficult as if during practice any drawbacks remain, it can inflict losses. Guidance of a competent guru is quite necessary to attain success.

A sadhak should observe some rules and regulations very strictly while practicing mantra shakti. He must completely believe in the shakti and should avoid anger, egoism. He should observe brahamcharya and should not fear if he sees any miracles during sadhana. The food of a sadhak should be simple and must not contain meat, onion, garlic, etc.

One's subconcious mind can help to find the solution through meditation and recitation of mantras. Continuous sadhana will enable the sadhak to find solution to all problems, achieve peace of mind and removal of mental strain.

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Division Of Mantra And Their Use

The uses of mantra is divided into six categories

1. SHANTIKARAN : These mantras deal with the cure of diseases and warding off the malefic effects of the planets. One example will be of no use as there is different mantra for different disease.

2.VASHI KARAN : Through these mantras one can put under one's control any woman, man, officer, minister, devta, soul, animal, etc. and can fulfill your wishes. "Om namo sarvlok vashikaraye kuru kuru swaha".

3. STAMBHAN : These mantras are used to stop all the persons, souls, devtas, etc. from doing any harm to you. "Om namah bhagvate shatrunam budhi stambam kuru kuru swaha".

4. VIDESHAN : these mantras are used for creating differences between two or many individuals. "Om namo nardaya amukasya amuken seh vidheshna kuru kuru swaha".

5. UCHCHATTAN : These mantras deal with distraction of the mind of the enemy so that they may remain away from their country, birthplace, residence, work and family members. It is also used if the sadhak wants aperson to remain at war with others. "Om shareem shareem shareem swaha".

6. MARAN : These are death inflicting mantras through which you can kill anybody at any distance without disclosing your identity. To avoid it's harmful use it is not been given.

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Besides one mantra given in each category, there are many mantras with different number of times they are to be recited under each category. Also specific time, day and the articles used for different mantras vary from category to category.
The basic mantras for every day recitation and early siddhi attainment of one's mantras are -
"Om Namo Shivaye".
"Om Namo Narayane Aye Namaha".
"Om Namo Bhagwate Vasdev Aye Namaha".

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