Love Relationship Consulting Charges

  • How do you and your partner rate as a long term romantic and/or marriage relationship in the future?
  • How intellectual and sexually compatible are you both when you are together?
  • Why are you or your partner possessive, restrictive, or jealous when together, or around other people?
  • How will you both handle the financial and household responsibilities in a partnership over the long term?
  • Why are you, or your emotions going to be trampled on, or do you have the qualities of a wonderful long lasting happy relationship?

When the Date and Timings of Marriage are on a Favourable Date to both Boy and Girl Coming together in a Marriage, every step they take in Life will lead to Success after Success, Business will prosper, Wealth will accumulate and Family Health will be maintained. Business will Scale great Heights.

Life Time Guide Book

Life Time Guide Book - Rs 2100/-(postage extra ) Get Worth Rs 1500 Solution Book & Worth Rs 500 DVD Free
Life Time Guide Book Provides solution as per nadiastrology, vedic astrology, krishnamoorthy padati and lal kitab 110 years