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Graphology - the study of handwriting and handwriting analysis - is now an accepted and increasingly used technique for assessment of people in organizations. Handwriting analysis is an effective and reliable indicator of personality and behaviour, and so is a useful tool for many organizational processes, for example: recruitment, interviewing and selection, team-building, counseling, and career-planning.

A person's handwriting - the script - and its placing on the page express the unique impulses of the individual: logically, the brain sends signals along the muscles to the writing implement they control. By examining a handwriting sample, an expert graphologist is able to identify relevant features of the handwritten script, and the way the features interact. The features, and interaction between them, provide the information for the analysis. (No single handwriting sample will exhibit all 300 different features of course - a typical analysis will involve far less).

Handwriting Analysis can help you understand yourself:

Having an accurate means of uncovering and understanding basic character and personality traits has many advantages; knowing yourself is not the least of them. A handwriting analysis report can help you gain insights into your own strengths and weaknesses. And though you may have to face some unpleasant truths, it will at least enable you to make wiser decisions for your personal and professional life.

Handwriting Analysis can help you choose a career:

Vocational analysis can help guide you, and those for whom you do an analysis, in the choice of a career or profession. By pointing out talents, abilities and preferences, it gives you a means of deciding what type of work would best suit you, and just as important, what kind of employment situation to avoid.

Change your handwriting change your life:

Knowing your weakness isn't enough, if you have to keep living with them. The question is, can you change what's wrong with your life ? The answer is emphatic yes. Just as your thoughts and feelings can affect the way you form your handwriting, the way you form your handwriting can change your thoughts and feelings. Graphotherapy can be used to effect character and personality changes in anyone who can write. This is not a miracle process; both the preparatory analysis and the therapy procedure take time, and require concentration and hardwork on the part of the writer. But you are how you write - and you can write how you want to be.

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