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Research of Astrology ends here.........Life Time Guide Book.

Sumnash Shri Kaljai is a renowned astrologer globally. He has been into astrology since last three decades. He has clients all around the globe.He has also featured in various TV Channels and magazines nationally and internationally. His enriched knowledge and experience has been penned in his newly launched book named Life Time Guide Book. Life Time Guide Book is based on ancient astrology

  • This book brings your forecast and solutions to all kind of problems individually based on your time and place of birth.
  • Individual horsecop which gives details of your forcast problems and solution upto 125 years of your life
  • The forecast and solutios are derived through ancient astrology like vedic astrology, nadiastrology, krishnamurthypadati and lal kitab
  • Solutions for multiple problems like kundali dosh , shani, sun, pitra dosh , kal sarp dosh etc which is 110 years old.
  • Priced at Rs 5100 only, we gift you shani shanti laxmi prapati uphar free, The actual price of Shani Shanti Laxmi Uphar in the market is above Rs 15000 which you can get as a free gift with Life Time Guide Book
  • Life Time Guide Book is only the biggest horocopes that comprises of approximately 170 to 200 pages.
  • Shani Shanti Laxmi Uphar contains packet of 24 Caret Permanent Gold Plated, Sidhya & Abhimantrit. which help you in solving any kind of problems.
  • Life Time Guide Book is a complete guide which helps you in using the free gifts which comes along with the book.
About Shani Shaanti Laxmi Prapti Upahar

Currently we are in Shani's Period the earth has 74% of water exactly the same percent of our life is affected with the effect of Shani and if we get the prevelige to live our entire life in this period Shani shows us 15 years of success like Money, Fame, Career, Home, Success etc but it also has is negative effect like pain, depression, loss in business etc for 15 years as well and both these periods come in different phases divided 2.5 years in best part of life (both good and bad time each ).This can be explained well after going through that individuals horoscope or Kundali.

This Gift is made available to those people who cant make time to meet me for several reasons but they can also gain any rremediesfor their problems by visiting my Website or by Phone-0766665523. This free gift has all remedies, Yantras available for Shani Shanti that will take all your problems away especially that come through Shanis Negative Energy and take you a long way in terms of Success, Money and other happiness in life. Apart from these ,the gift also has ASTH LAXMI that is Dhan (MONEY), Santaan (CHILDREN), Yash (SUCCESS), Nirog (HEALTH) etc which is very essential an life is incomplete without all of these.

With the cooperation of my longterm clients I was successful in creating this Spiritual Free gift for all the people of this world who need my help.


Life Time Guide Book

Life Time Guide Book - Rs 2100/-(postage extra ) Get Worth Rs 1500 Solution Book & Worth Rs 500 DVD Free
Life Time Guide Book Provides solution as per nadiastrology, vedic astrology, krishnamoorthy padati and lal kitab 110 years