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If One wants to Succeed in Business and Earn great Wealth, Fame and Position, a Lucky Name for the Business is to be Devised.

Many Corporates have been Immensely Benefited by his Occult advice and have Successfully avoided Labour Unrest and Accidents. This has resulted in the cordial relationship between the Management and the Employees. Sick Industries have become Profit Making Ventures.

Business Corporations are Living Entities created by Men / Women and run by them. The Life of a Corporation begins with the Date of Incorporation, when the Corporation thus becomes a Living Entity. It has been found from Experience that the Lives of Corporations are affected by Planetary Influences, Just as the Life of Individuals.

Success depends on choosing a Suitable Vocation and then Putting in Sufficient Quantity and Quality of Efforts.

A Person may be very Intelligent. He may have all the necessary Knowledge in the Business. He may have Mastered the Finer details of the business. He may be a very Educated Person. Inspite of all these, when the Name Number of the Business does not happen to be a Lucky one, he will Face only Failures. His abilities, Trade knowledge and all other Beneficial Factors will be spoilt by the Malefic Forces in the Letters and Numbers of the Name and Style of the Business.

There are many Examples when a good running Business was ruined after the Changes were made in the Old Plan.

Sometimes a New Enterprise runs into Losses due to Low Turnover. Many times a Factory is ready but Production does not start or the Production starts but Losses are Incurred.

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