Astro Numerographology Consulting Charges

It is general understanding that signature is just based on numerology, but that is not the fact. The real fact is that signature is based on astrology and the number of signs ie numerology.

Your astrology stated which grah is strong and which grah is weak. The strong grah is the first part of astrographology and the second aspect is your lucky numbers that match with your planet.

The combination of the strong grah and lucky numbers are calculated.

On the basis of this calculation graphology is derived.

For example If your lagan is Libra and the lord of lagans is Venus and if your date of birth is 6,15 24, it means your graphology value must be 6 and the starting letter will be U,V,W.

Graphology means managing the letter of your name to its best to form your signature. Astro numerographology is based on three components ie astrology, numerology and signaturology.


Your signature is based on your date of birth, best planet as per your birth chart.


It is calculated by adding the total numbers of your date of birth into a single number which is known as your lucky number This number is matched with your astrology.

Sigs naturology

It derives the graph of your letters {assembling letters}

Eg. if your dob is 4, 13,31 then as per numerology your lucky number is 4. This number is matched with your astrology or your birth chart and your signature is derived{graph of letters} as per number 4. But if your main birth chart states that Rahu is situated in a lower place , number 4 should not be taken. Your signature is then derived from the second best lucky number. Similarly if your lucky number is 8, it means your signature is based on the value of 8. Buta as per your birth chart, Saturn is placed in a bad position, your signature has to be based on your second best lucky number.

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